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Corinne @slcfoodscene

Originally from Ireland, Corinne came with her husband to Utah looking for new friends and new experiences. She is a big snacker but has been surprised by Utah's quality food options. Currently works with a nonprofit helping immigrants.


Brad & Candace @801foodandfun

Both raised in Utah, this adventurous couple does not stick to the food status quo. They try a new restaurant every time they go out and can't resist homemade cookie dough, taffy, or cotton candy. Heading to NYC soon for an exclusive food tour, but love all the variety that Utah has to offer.


Benjamin @donutcritic

Benjamin grew up in the mountains of Utah, refining his donut palate on one of the state’s hidden bakeries. He’s a former restaurant owner and regrets not purchasing a donut bakery that was for sale at the time instead, though he does say that the baker hours would have ruined his social life at age 26. This regret only fuels his desire for consuming more donuts and finding the best of the best. Benjamin uses every opportunity during travel to scout, visit, and review donut shops nationally and internationally. His motto is, "It's all about the donut," and especially loves the tight-knit Utah community.


Steve @foodyfellowship

Growing up in Bountiful, Steve's passion for food began. Instead of eating out once in a blue moon, his family, "Ate once in a blue moon at home." Now, he continues his passion by trying different restaurants and taking on their various food challenges.

Theyatethestate family phot.JPG

Nate & Lyndi @theyatethestate

Taking pictures of food was always a given for memory preservation until their own social media food documentary was born. The family's running joke is that Nate loves being in the kitchen while Lyndi loves to eat. They both love supporting local business while having fun family experiences. Stay tuned to see if Nate will start his own bread dough bakery.

Donuts Unplugged PIcture.PNG

Bryan & Heather @donutsunplugged & @utahdoughshow

Being the poster children for what Utah Donut Royalty looks like, this fun couple founded the Utah Dough Show, the state's premier donut event. After documenting all the donut shops Bryan went to while traveling with a team of auditors, the couple has now hit 210+ shops across the United States. No matter where they are though, if you shout, "DONUTS," in the street, they will always respond quickly and positively.


Sara @local_enthusiast_slc

While her parents worked in healthcare, Sara knew she was going to be an entrepreneur. After starting a simple social media account to support local businesses, events, and people, and a successful restaurant chain, she now works with Local First Utah and Utah Microloan Fund with over 60 clients that are mainly restaurant and food truck owners. Teaching and training the next generation of foodies and foodtrepreneurs is her new passion.


Lillie @lillielovesmacros

After her 4 kids and husband, Lillie's primary mission for the past 3 years has been to marry her love of good food with her love of health and fitness. She wants everyone to know about the benefits of a healthy macro-friendly lifestyle, and has even come out with a new cookbook. She still believes that desserts should remain yummy and savory.


Andie @the_baking_dietitian

Coming all the way from Boise, ID to study dietetics in the state, Andie is working on her masters degree while also working at the University of Utah hospital. While she was on an internship in Idaho, she decided to start a small baking business on the side to complement her studies where she quickly grew from wedding cakes to other desserts. She now bakes here and there and is in an active hiking club that tries a new hike every Monday.


Elizabeth @byufoodie

A Japanese-bred, Houston-raised, Provo-livin' foodie! Elizabeth started her page after seeing that there were not many accounts specifically based in Provo (and also because she was semi-joking with her friend). She now has a good following and is studying Japanese in Provo while translating for lawyers during the day.


Bryce & Susannah @provosbestbites

Coming from Tucson and bringing the heat with them, Bryce & Susannah are foodies who want to bring the best out of each trip including getting to know the people behind the businesses. Trying new food has strengthened their relationship and brought them with more bonding moments then they could have ever imagined. While waiting for their first child, Bryce is studying to become a dentist and Susannah is a teacher.

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